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  • Introduction Vijaya bank offers you an excellent opportunity to avail home loan for the construction/acquisition of house/flat as well as for repair/renovation of the existing house/flat. The housing loan scheme of the bank covers purchase of old house / flat of age 30 years and below, home improvement loan – repairs, renovation (including cost of [...]

  • HDFC YOUNG STAR With this plan you can start building your savings today and make a bright future for your child. This plan provides valuable protection to your child in your absence. Features and advantages: This plan gives you the opportunity to get an outstanding investment to increase your savings by providing you a list [...]

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  • HDFC WEALTH BUILDER It is a plan which will help you to increase your wealth and give you dual advantage of exclusive funds with limited premium payment term. It provides financial protection to your family and at the same time tries to boost your wealth. Features: Along with the fund value it gives you additional [...]

  • HDFC TERM ASSURANCE PLAN This plan will ensure that incase of your unfortunate death your family is not affected by any financial burden. It ensures that your loved ones live their life with respect and dignity in your absence. Features: In this plan you get: The opportunity to choose the plan on a single life [...]

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  • HDFC SURGICARE PLAN: This plan ensures that you get full financial support if you undergo a surgery or if you are hospitalized. It ensures that you become financially independent at all times. Features: Your policy does not get terminated even after the payment of the first or subsequent surgical procedures. If your sum assured is [...]

  • HDFC SL UNIT LINKED PENSION MAXIMISER 2 It is a unit linked single premium pension plan proposed to provide you with an income after your retirement. It gives you the flexibility to boost your investment returns. This plan provides you with the additional bonus of 5% of initial single premium at the age of vesting. [...]

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  • HDFC – SL PENSION CHAMPION This is a unit linked plan which is specially created to provide you with the income for your life after retirement. It also gives you the flexibility to choose your retirement date. Features: It gives you a choice to invest in any of the 7 funds depending on your risk [...]

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  • HDFC – SINGLE PREMIUM WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE PLAN: This is a single premium investment plan which aims at providing long-term real growth to your funds. This plan helps you to pay your present financial expenses and at the same time take care of your family’s needs. It ensures that you maintain a better standard of [...]

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  • HDFC SIMPLI LIFE In this plan you can boost your savings but at the same time you can also secure yourself and your family’s future. This is a unit linked plan which gives you an investment opportunity by providing selected and researched investments. Features: The minimum regular premium is Rs.15, 000 and the maximum amount [...]

  • HDFC – SAVINGS ASSURANCE PLAN It is a plan that will help you to save money and at the same time invest your money to achieve your future goals. HDFC Standard Life invests the premiums that you pay in order to give you better returns in the form of bonuses. Features: No medical examination required [...]

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