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Vijaya Bank Credit Card

    • Credit Cards are issued only to Vijaya Bank A/c Holders.
    • The cards are issued to Individuals & also to Corporates.
    • Life time Free Add-on cards are issued to spouse, parents, children above 18 years of age.
    • Revolving Credit facility is available for individual cardholders. The cardholders have the choice of repaying of the monthly bills in installments (5%, 10%…..95%).
    • The scheme of loyalty points is available. One loyalty point valued Re 0.50 is awarded for purchases of Rs 100/-.
    • The cardholders can draw cash from any one of their branches. A specially designed pass book is provided for this purpose.
    • The facility of cash withdrawal through other banks ATMs is available. VISA cardholders can withdraw from Vijaya bank ATMs also.
    • 24 hour personal accident insurance coverage is available.
    • Insurance cover for misuse in case of loss of card is available.
    • The facility of printing the photograph & signature is available for more security.
    • One can send transaction details and the monthly bills through e-mail free of charge.
    • Cards are issued for three years. Cards are renewed automatically for three more years unless cardholder/branch informs, at least 45 days before the expiry of the card, not to renew the card.

    Revolving Credit

    • Revolving Credit implies the credit card bills can be paid in installments depending upon the convenience of the user.
    • It is a novel method of billing as per the option of the cardholder. The options are accepted for any percentage between 5 and 95.
    • As the recovery is the ultimate responsibility of the branches, the branches have the final say in indicating the percentage for revolving credit.
    • The new credit card applicants can exercise the option by marking the relevant column in the credit card application itself. In other cases, the option letter for Revolving Credit may be used.
    • On receipt of the option from the cardholder, the subsequent billing is made for only the opted percentage portion retaining the remaining portion at the Credit Card Division.
    • The fees, the charges and utilization over the limit are also billed immediately.
    • Revolving credit includes service charges which are 1.75% p.m.(i.e., 21% p.a.).
    • Calculation of the charges for the revolving credit is on a daily product basis.
    • All the debit and credit transactions are taken for calculation of charges from the date of processing these transactions at the Credit Card Division.
    • The revolving credit opted can vary the percentage at any time later. If they wish to decrease the percentage, then the request has to be routed through the branch and if they wish to increase the percentage or opt out of the revolving credit, they can send their requests directly to the Credit Card Division.
    • The cardholders can also make payment in between the billing dates to reduce the liability.
    • The credit is posted to the cardholder and the charges are adjusted from the date the credit was received at the branch.
    • The amount withheld at the Credit Card Division is indicated to the cardholder in the billing statement.
    • The limit of the cardholder is blocked from further usage to the extent of amount withheld at the Credit Card Division.
    • If the card is deactivated for any reason, i.e., hotlisted, cancelled, deleted, not renewed, etc., the entire liability lying at the Credit Card Division is transferred to the branches in the next billing cycle.

    Loyalty points

    • Loyalty points are points awarded to the cardholders for their loyalty i.e. purchase made with the Credit Cards.
    • These points are awarded for the retail transactions only. Cash withdrawals are not considered.
    • For every Rs 100 spent on credit card transaction earn 1 point. The points are accumulated and redeemed at the end of the card year @ Re 0.50  for each point and the amount so converted is credited to the cardholder’s account.
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4 Responses to “Vijaya Bank Credit Card”

  1. asha bawri said on

    i havnt received my renewal credit card 5421768007001466 (old card number) inspite of my repeated request to your Golaghat Branch.

  2. mikkilinenisaiprasad said on

    Dear sir ,
    i have acredit card in your bank at vinukonda branch,the card was expiry on march2012, and also increase the credit limit up tors.100000(rupees.one lac only) and please renewal the card as early as possible.
    thanking you sir,
    your’s faithfully,
    m.sai prasad

  3. Mohsin Memon said on

    Dear, Sir

    Apply For Credit Card

  4. Madhusudhana H N said on

    Dear, Sir

    Apply For Credit Card

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