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State Bank Of Mysore Personal Loan

  • Introduction
    State bank of Mysore has designed different personal loan schemes for different category of people working in different fields to cater their all needs. Personal loan for individuals, central/ state govt. employees, people working in public sector undertakings, multinational companies with a minimum service of two years, etc, to meet their personal needs like travel, family functions, etc. Gagan Mitra personal loan scheme for individual under going training program having duration of up to 1 year, which require skills needed to join a job/profession, but are not covered under education loan. Then there is Mybank Samachar personal loan scheme designed for journalists to meet their basic requirements for their profession such as purchase of Cameras, Computer, Books, Two wheelers, Mobile phones etc., for permanent employees of leading Newspapers.

    Salaried Self Employed
    Loan Type Term Loan Term Loan
    Loan Amount Min. – Rs 50000
    Max. – Rs 150000
    Min. – Rs 50000
    Max. – Rs 150000
    Tenure Min. – 12 Yrs. Min. – 12 Yrs.
    Interest Rate Min. – 15 %
    Max. – 15 %
    Min. – 15 %
    Max. – 15 %
    Time to Process Loan 7 days 7 days

    Fees & charges

    Fees & charges
    Salaried Self Employed
    Processing Fee 1 % 1 %

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