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HDFC Titanium Credit Card Review

  • HDFC Titanium Credit Card is designed exclusively for shoppers as it earns them those shopping privileges and benefits in India and abroad. Benefits on offer are in the form of attractive Reward Points program which allows you earn 2 Reward Points for every Rs.150 spent provided spends of up to Rs. 15,000 per statement cycle. For spends above Rs 15000 earn 3 Reward points for every Rs 150. As for international spends earn 5 Reward points for every Rs 150. Though the value of each Reward point is not known yet redemption is an exciting affair due to number of options available.

    The card also offers fuel surcharge waiver which is a common feature among credit card, however, along with the waiver you also get an opportunity to earn Reward points over it which is rare among credit card offerings.  Thus apart from few impressive features the card is like any other shopping card.

    The Card is exclusively designed for shoppers. Simply put the card does not offer any travel privileges to its users. Also added features like insurance coverage which is offered by few shopping cards is absent with HDFC Titanium Credit Card. Thus even though the card has few good features, few important ones are also missing.

    HDFC Titanium Credit Card has no Joining fee. The card can be compared to other similar shopping cards like SBI Silver and More Card and Axis Bank Silver Credit Card. The card when compared to these cards is very much at par. The interest rate charged on the card is 3.15% p.m. which is competitive in comparison to the other two cards.

    Reward Points 4
    Interest Rate 4
    Joining and Annual fees 3
    Benefits 3
    Over limit penalty 3



12 Responses to “HDFC Titanium Credit Card Review”

  1. Snehal Parmar said on

    I want to know the joining and anual fee for HDFC Titanium Credit Card.

  2. There is no joining and annual fee for this Card.

  3. I am interested in knowing if someone has actually used the credit card. 

  4. Hi Ralph,
    hdfc is a ok card…but the customer care is worst.
    So be careful about this..

  5. Ankit Singhal said on

    There is a annual fee of Rs. 274 (including Taxes), but there is a certain amount after spending that amount in first three months , 249/- will be refunded in ur account.

  6. Hello,
    There is an annual fee of INR Rs. 379/- applicable for HDFC Titanium credit card. And this fee is non waivable. Altough there is no joining fee.

  7. There is no annual fee and no joining for the account holder.

  8. Aditya Kumar said on

    Hello ,
    I m having HDFC titanium credit card, but my card is not working for EMI(interest free) transection on the merchant outlets where there is a offer with HDFC credit card..Can some one suggest what to do.. several times called to the customer care but no use.

  9. Bilal Khan said on

    What is the credit limit of Titanium International Credit C card, . My Limit has been Placed at Rs 20,000. Can my limit be enhanced?
    and what is the bilingcycle

  10. Rajat Saluja said on

    The story of my, using HDFC bank Platinum plus credit card was pathetic.
    On 19th April 2012,the credit card got delivered, after that i used it 3 to 4 times and of 25th April 2012,i again tried using the card but i get to know it was blocked,I called customer care and they said I only called them and blocked the card on 24th.I was schocked to know that how he can say this , because i never called any customer care to block the card, The worst part was, they said i blocked teh card on 24th but i used teh card on 25th with sucessful transaction, the how this is possible, secondly how without any intimation through message or call they can block the card, thirdly how they get to know all teh secret answers for blocking the card, forthly how can a person block a card in just 5 days. HDFC Bank is making fools of the customer,I have raised thsi concern with the bank nad wrote a letter as well against them, They assured me to solve this issue within 7 days with the proper evidences, Else i will circulate this issue to the Media.

  11. Customer care people always used to note wrong mobile numbers even if we provide the right number. I don't know what is their problem?

  12. Gunjan Bhavsar said on

    I have HDFC titanium credit card.
    can some share his/her experience on EasyEMI scheme with this card?
    It is scaring me to buy any thing through the card on EMIs.
    Is it good idea to buy on EMIs?

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